Roadside Service Vs AAA Roadside Assistance

By | December 19, 2020

Roadside Service is not the same as roadside assistance or emergency vehicle service. When a motorist needs to get to their destination quickly without accumulating traffic or making an unsafe turn, they may call a roadside service agency. The basic difference between Roadside Services and roadside assistance is that the latter’s service usually only extends to motorists while the former is inclusive of any driver who wants to get his vehicle fixed or help from mechanics, which is usually not a necessity. Roadside services can be very helpful when motorists need help getting their vehicle running again after a minor mechanical problem or breakdown. This can also be beneficial when drivers need help with navigating highways and other locales.

Roadside assistance and roadside services are similar but not the same, which is why many people tend to think that they are one and the same. The service covers any driver, regardless of whether he has purchased additional coverage or not. The basic difference between these two services is that the roadside assistance program consists of professional mechanics who will come to the vehicle and change a flat tire if necessary, and also they will make sure the vehicle is safe for travel by changing the oil and performing any needed engine inspections. On the other hand, Roadside Service is designed to be convenient and comprehensive, which means that it covers any driver who needs to be picked up and brought to his or her destination.

There are many benefits to using Roadside Assistance instead of an in-house emergency service. For one thing, Roadside Assistance agencies often provide better customer support, such as helping a driver to find the nearest location or offering advice on how to safely drive a vehicle. The agencies may also offer other types of specialized assistance, such as a flat tire change or battery replacement in the event of a flat tire.

Another benefit of Roadside Service is the fact that many motorists are unaware that they even need roadside assistance programs to begin with. In many instances, a person drives by another vehicle that needs their help, but does not realize that they can request this assistance. It could be that the vehicle has a flat tire, needs to be towed, or there could be a serious mechanical issue that requires repairs. Since so many drivers do not have this kind of knowledge, the majority choose to wait until their vehicle breaks down to call a tow truck, call a mechanic, or call a Roadside Assistance provider. This wait could cost hundreds of dollars and could even put drivers in danger if the vehicle were left on the side of the road without Roadside Service.

Now, let’s look at what some of the credit card companies offer for their Roadside Assistance plans. Most of the credit card companies offer their Roadside Assistance plans exclusively through their websites, which may make the plans seem appealing. But, once a consumer figures out how much the premium costs each month, along with any surcharges, the actual services provided by Roadside Assistance may not match the price tag. Many of the credit card companies may offer towing, but often only for a small fee, and only if the vehicle is in the shop for repairs. They may offer towing nationwide but only towing to the nearest town.

What does all this translate into for a driver? When you add up the cost of the premium for Roadside Assistance versus the cost of a tow truck, repair, or towing, you may find that Roadside Service just doesn’t make sense for some drivers. But, when you look at how much money you may actually save when you choose an AAA aa plan over the credit card companies’ Roadside Service plans, you may find that there is little to lose by signing up for an aaA roadside assistance plan. In addition, you will enjoy peace of mind with knowing that you are covered when something happens that involves your vehicle. You’ll no longer have to worry about calling locksmith services, or how to fix your car, or how to drive to the store to get a new tire. Your car will be fixed or towed according to your aaA roadside assistance plan, which will save you a lot of headaches, time and gas.