24 Hour Locksmith Service

By | March 12, 2021

“Welcome to the 24-hour locksmith and auto locksmith service in the all Queens NYC areas.” said Mike Deutsch the Owner and Manager of Car Keys Plus. “I am thrilled to extend the quality of customer service that my customers have come to expect from me.” “Thank you Mike, for the quality service and professionalism that you display every time you call for a locksmith service. Your ability to always be prepared is appreciated.”

“I just locked my keys in my car, and now they are in my hands. Thank you so much.” said Beverly, a female customer. “Just needed someone to get back into my car, I am locked out.”

“Thanks for coming to help me. I am locked out of my car. Something must have activated the ignition switch. The key ignition will be available at my car dealer if you can return to us in less than one hour.”

“Thank you again, your help was really valuable. Your customer service was great, we will definitely use your company again when we lock our keys in the car.” said Patricio, a male customer. “Your car key replacement services were fast, efficient and knowledgeable.”

“I locked my keys in my car, and they are now in my hands. Thank you so much for coming to the aid of me. I will be using your company again when we are locked out of the car.” said Alan, a male customer.

24 hour locksmith New York offers car emergency services throughout the city. Be sure to call in advance, to ensure that they are available. If an emergency locksmith is not available in your area, don’t wait – get online and find a New York car service’s emergency locksmith that is nearby. Then, call in an emergency. You’ll be glad you did.

Some 24 hour locksmith services offer packages, including key duplication, chip programming, new keys, or auto locksmithing. Check with your company if they offer this. It may be more cost effective to have the locksmith company come to your location, and then they can duplicate your keys or replace broken locks, as needed. In addition, some 24 hour locksmith service technicians may need to make modifications to your locks. These may include but are not limited to, adding a deadbolt, lowering a pad lock, adjusting the strike opening, or making other aesthetic changes. Contact your company to determine what packages they offer.

One last thing – always have backup keys. Even if you’ve purchased a master lock with a security code, it is still possible for you to lose those keys. Have a spare set of keys hidden somewhere where they will not be noticed. Also, it never hurts to have an emergency locksmith near by in case the keys you have been lost, stolen, or misplaced. Not having access to the correct keys at the right time can put you in a much bigger spot of trouble than having no keys at all.

24 hour locksmith team members can be found just about anywhere. Many car manufacturers install them, and many hardware stores carry them as well. Generally, they will have a small section of the outlet that is dedicated to servicing the car manufacturers only. This gives you a fast response time to an emergency situation, and the technicians are usually on hand to assist immediately. Be sure to check your local stores as well, to find a 24 hour locksmith team that will help you immediately.